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Althea’s Attic FL – Spring shopping

Spring is finally here and there are new items available for some spring shopping. Check out some of the items for sale on #Poshmark from my closet.


If you’re interested in purchasing something that we have listed for sale, please send us a message.


Althea’s Attic FL

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Ebay Store New Plan

As my hobby kicks off and I have started to make more jewelry I have been looking at options for my outlet. Listing things for sale is no easy task and finding where will get the most eyes and potentially sales for the best price is challenging.

I’ve always had an #Ebay account that I sometimes use and I know that Ebay does stores, so while looking recently imagine my surprise when I found this little gem Ebay New Starter Store.┬áStarting May 1, 2018 Ebay will add a new starter level to their stores with a monthly price of $7.95. That’s exciting news for those of us who like to sell but aren’t hardcore sellers and like the additional exposure that places like Ebay can offer.

So for now I will continue to craft and wait for May 1, to check out the new starter store on Ebay. Let’s see what happens.